the golden age of theft?

Its an unfortunate side effect of the internet that people can now steal other peoples ideas or work quite easily. And it can at times be a grey area between drawing inspiration and just plain plagiarism. This presents a number of problems for creative people- should you post your favorite images or designs online? Should you share ideas or discuss new projects?
Its surprising how many people believe that its their absolute right to download movies, music and images- it seems to be that old case of if someone else is doing it, I’d be silly if i didn’t. Really it just about respect, if you like or respect an artist you should pay them for their work. There are so many cases of people stealing other peoples ideas and images and passing them off as their own that there are whole websites devoted to exposing frauds and scammers. Of course the anonymous nature of the web allows people to do all sorts of things that they wouldn’t do otherwise- but really, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.