on finding inspiration

Inspiration can be a slippery thing, one minute you’ve got a real handle on what inspires you, the next it all seems to get a bit fuzzy and other concerns seem to get in the way of what can enthuse us and really make us achieve and feel connected with purpose.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch the Simon Sinek TED talk ‘It Starts With Why

In it, Simon talks about connecting with people by talking about why you do what you do.

Its all sounds ridiculously simple, people respond to things that connect with their feelings much more than things that try to win them over with facts.
But, to do that you have to spend some time thinking about why it is that you do what you do, and I’m not talking about the ‘to make a living’ kind of why.

For me, I make recycled jewellery because I hate seeing useful things get thrown away and I like the idea of taking something that might be seen as obsolete and turning it in to something useful and original… that for me is really satisfying.
I also like the idea of longevity, I have slightly nostalgic ideas of the precious objects that my grandparents hung on to and passed on and I love the idea that some of my work could be that special to the people that own it.

So the next time you are talking to someone about what you do, don’t spend much time on the how or the what, get to the why and then you’ll have inspiration on your side.

-Craig Arnold
image courtesy of unknown street artist, Hindley St, Adelaide