MAD for New York

Today’s post is coming from New York where revision’s Craig arnold and Jodie Smith have just attended the opening of the ‘Multiple Exposures’ exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design. Six pieces of re:vision jewellery have been selected along side the work of 79 other artists from over 20 countries, in this unique exhibition that explores the interplay of jewellery and photography. Organized by MAD’s curator of jewellery, Ursula Ilse-Neuman, the works displayed explore concepts of memory, perception, desire, identity and the increasingly pervasive nature of imagery. Three of re:visions recycled camera cuffs and three corrosion brooches sit amidst the displayed works and bring elements of re-purposing, abstraction and the veracity of perception to the themes explored. To see our work displayed in such a prestigious and artfully displayed exhibition is an incredible experience we will share more of our thoughts and impressions of this great event in upcoming posts.