crowd funding… what’s the big idea?

By now we’re sure that most people have heard of the crowd funding concept,
with sites like kickstarter, indiegogo, pozible and more, that have opened up
an entirely new way for ideas and products to get funded.
Not so long ago the best way to bring a new product or idea to market was to be rich,
or willing to do some serious sucking up to someone who is.
If not, you’d have to go cap in hand to a bank who might well ask you to mortgage
all you owned, whilst charging some hefty interest if they did decide to play ball.
Now, if your idea is good enough, you can set up an online campaign
to get any number of individuals to each chip in a relatively small amount
and get you idea funded in an entirely new way.
of course there are still various important steps that have to be taken
or you are likely to see your funding requests go unheeded.
Firstly, you have to prove that you have the skills and drive to produce this new thing,
and secondly (and most importantly) you have to have a number of rewards
or benefits ready to give back to your generous benefactors.
Also being a democratic sort of space, if your message isn’t well presented
or your benefits to backers not particularly engaging, then you will certainly get a collective thumbs down and have to slink back to the drawing board.
Still with everyone from backyard inventors to hollywood directors using this new form of idea enabling, it seems that crowdfunding is a very exciting new avenue for creators of all colours.