A difficult conversation

We all know that some things are off the agenda when it comes to conversation. We often sensor our dialogue depending on the audience, and our Anglo-centric heritage left a legacy of weather and sport as the only polite options. The recent election served up many conversations, some difficult, some quite ridiculous. It seems almost everyone appreciates a good rant these days, to judge from Facebook posts.

Either way, the conversations that are the most difficult almost always offer memorable moments and the opportunity to learn and grow.

As the theme of next years Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart opening 1 March at the Art Gallery of South Australia – ‘difficult conversations’ is sure to get the community talking.

‘In its 13th iteration the Biennial will tap into the hearts and minds of contemporary Australian society, to explore the political, the psychological and the personal. I am after an inherently emotional and immersive exhibition, one that is unafraid to ask difficult questions and expose the underbelly of society.’ Nick Mitzevich, Director, Art Gallery of South Australia.

At re:vision ideas we wholly embrace the concept of displaced objects igniting dialogue through their unlikely placement and artistic execution. We can’t wait to see how the selected contemporary artists in the 2014 Adelaide Biennial spark the conversation with their own unique narrative… and to see Patricia Piccinini’s Skywhale up close and personal!