Why quality photography is a win

In a cluttered market, being better is the only way to stand out.
Everyday we are bombarded with many thousands of images, and the use of images to grab peoples attention is only accelerating… the good thing is everyone is now a photographer right?
Well, yes and not really, no.
There is a huge difference between professional images and something quickly shot on a smartphone and it stands to reason that most of those quick ‘iphotos’ just end up as visual clutter.
If you happen to have a product or message that you want to communicate effectively, you will need great images with good lighting and composition to stand out.
Of course you can just download some royalty free images, but there’s a lot of people doing that and to be honest most consumers can now spot a stock image from miles away.
If you think about the ads that really grab your eye, odds on it was professionally shot, with some inspired design and great words to boot.
So if connecting with your customers is something that’s important to you, maybe now’s the time to think about including photography in your marketing budget.