Why should photographers care about video?

With the advent of video capable DSLR cameras, the ability to shoot quality video footage has changed the playing field for traditional stills photographers and film makers alike. Prior to the digital era, a number of high profile stills photographers ‘jumped ship’ to work in the movie industry and quite often become cinematographers- leaving the world of the static image behind. With an innate knowledge of composition, lighting, perspective and problem solving, there is much that a traditional photographer can bring to film making. To try to tell a story in a single image is one of the great challenges of photography, but filming requires a different mindset- a way of constructing a story step by step. The soundtrack, the background, wide shots that show the scene, using closeups to relate details, cuts, fades… there are a whole raft of techniques that can be used to engage and entertain the viewer. As with any new opportunity, there are numerous costs and hurdles to be overcome, new skills to be learned, new gear acquired and a considerable amount of time invested. But for those willing to commit the time and energy, an entirely new means of expression and quite possibly new markets await.