Some ‘Random’ inspiration

Recently the team behind re:vision ideas, she creative, was asked to participate in the ‘Random’ public art project for the city of Holdfast Bay.
The whole idea of the Random art project is to have various local artists install original ideas that will engage locals and visitors in various locations at Glenelg and Brighton. After some quick concepts were flung around the office, we decided to create some ‘lost’ and ‘found’ posters, not talking about lost rollerskates or found kittens but talking about the beachside experiences that we had lost and found. After a little more chatting, we decided to add some ‘wanted’ posters as well, just to round out the concept.
We put in our proposal to council and were very pleased to be selected and and so the ‘Lost,found and wanted’ concept had to be brought to life.
Rustling up props, family members and a few more ideas, we trooped down the the seaside to shoot a variety of possible images to go with our envisaged art.
Working with unruly seagulls, crumbling sandcastles, crazy collies and even some drippy icecreams, we managed to get everything shot in a couple of hours and soak up some sun in the process. Once we’d selected our faves and written some quirky tag lines, we printed them out ready for display. Leaping out of bed at around 4am, it was off to the foreshore to stick up our posters in all sorts of locations where we hoped we’d get the attention of various random passersby.
All in all a great experience and some real fun creating public art just to see what we can create off our own backs!

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