Craig Arnold

Our first featured artist is our very own, Craig Arnold.

As a commercial photographer, gadget man, tinkerer and lover of all things repurposed, it seems there has been a natural evolution between the creative inspiration for re:vision jewellery and his craft.

Pondering the camera’s function and considering what it ‘could be’, drew him to want to transform purpose into adornment. Taking a lens that was used to photograph intimate moments and transforming it into a gift—could make it as significant to the wearer as a treasured photograph.

Merging a love of old cameras and their perfectly designed retro aesthetic, with a desire to breathe new life into their analogue elegance and then repurposing the intricate components into jewellery with a slice of nostalgic flair for the digital era.

Creating jewellery that remodels industrial objects into decorative pieces with a unisex appeal, whilst merging photographic imagery, is a concept that Craig continues to develop.