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02 Jun

MAD exhibition pieces

Today at re:vision we thought we’d supply a little more information about our jewellery pieces currently featured at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, in the ‘Multiple Exposures’ exhibition. The first pieces are three abstract ‘corrosion’ brooches, featuring original photographic images of weathered and corroded subjects, sublimated onto brushed steel. The second

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17 Apr

Why should photographers care about video?

With the advent of video capable DSLR cameras, the ability to shoot quality video footage has changed the playing field for traditional stills photographers and film makers alike. Prior to the digital era, a number of high profile stills photographers ‘jumped ship’ to work in the movie industry and quite often become cinematographers- leaving the

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11 Feb

Why quality photography is a win

In a cluttered market, being better is the only way to stand out. Everyday we are bombarded with many thousands of images, and the use of images to grab peoples attention is only accelerating… the good thing is everyone is now a photographer right? Well, yes and not really, no. There is a huge difference

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