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20 Jul

on finding inspiration

Inspiration can be a slippery thing, one minute you’ve got a real handle on what inspires you, the next it all seems to get a bit fuzzy and other concerns seem to get in the way of what can enthuse us and really make us achieve and feel connected with purpose. Recently I had the

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10 Jun

everything old is new again

Its interesting to see that handmade goods and analogue processes are having a resurgence over recent years. Digital technology has changed the way we do many things, from taking photographs to navigating our way around cities. The availability of information means that most people in the developed world can research almost anything and learn entirely

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16 Sep

Some ‘Random’ inspiration

Recently the team behind re:vision ideas, she creative, was asked to participate in the ‘Random’ public art project for the city of Holdfast Bay. The whole idea of the Random art project is to have various local artists install original ideas that will engage locals and visitors in various locations at Glenelg and Brighton. After

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08 Jul

its a cheap trick

There’s been a shift in peoples spending (and thinking) over the last few years, largely driven by the online discount phenomenon, and the trend is pretty much this: get it for the cheapest price! Now obviously comparative shopping makes sense and if you are choosing between two products of the same quality, it’s a little

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