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16 May

MAD for New York

Today’s post is coming from New York where revision’s Craig arnold and Jodie Smith have just attended the opening of the ‘Multiple Exposures’ exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design. Six pieces of re:vision jewellery have been selected along side the work of 79 other artists from over 20 countries, in this unique exhibition

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29 Apr

the golden age of theft?

Its an unfortunate side effect of the internet that people can now steal other peoples ideas or work quite easily. And it can at times be a grey area between drawing inspiration and just plain plagiarism. This presents a number of problems for creative people- should you post your favorite images or designs online? Should

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17 Apr

Why should photographers care about video?

With the advent of video capable DSLR cameras, the ability to shoot quality video footage has changed the playing field for traditional stills photographers and film makers alike. Prior to the digital era, a number of high profile stills photographers ‘jumped ship’ to work in the movie industry and quite often become cinematographers- leaving the

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01 Apr

Behind the scenes at Bowerbird

A must see of the Adelaide design scene is the Bowerbird Bazaar craft market. Held twice a year at the iconic Adelaide showgrounds, Bowerbird brings together a fantastic mix of handmade goods, homegrown talent and downright inspirational design. Together with the very talented Jess Wallace, we’ve just finished shooting a video that gives an insight

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27 Mar

crowd funding… what’s the big idea?

By now we’re sure that most people have heard of the crowd funding concept, with sites like kickstarter, indiegogo, pozible and more, that have opened up an entirely new way for ideas and products to get funded. Not so long ago the best way to bring a new product or idea to market was to

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12 Mar

Lamp it up

We love great design and original thinking here at re:vision and Tasmanian lighting and furniture maker Duncan Meerding does both, with his beautiful lamps from old stumps and LED lighting. He has recently won ‘the best in sustainable design award’ at the Edge design competition in 2014. The idea of using cracked and weathered wood

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25 Feb

of pinterest to photographers, jewellers, designers, recyclers

ok you probably already know, but pinterest is making it easier and easier to source ideas and images and share them with friends and clients. it’s a visual scrapbook and a great way to collect research, compile images in to categories and even upload your own shots to share. the ability to quickly find a

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11 Feb

Why quality photography is a win

In a cluttered market, being better is the only way to stand out. Everyday we are bombarded with many thousands of images, and the use of images to grab peoples attention is only accelerating… the good thing is everyone is now a photographer right? Well, yes and not really, no. There is a huge difference

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25 Sep

Some of our talent

Working daily with talented South Australian designers is one of the true perks of our job here at re:vision. One such talented lady is Stephanie Morison – graphic designer, illustrator, collective thinker and crochet master, to name but a few of her many talents. We employed her black belt illustration skills for a stylish animated

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13 Sep

A difficult conversation

We all know that some things are off the agenda when it comes to conversation. We often sensor our dialogue depending on the audience, and our Anglo-centric heritage left a legacy of weather and sport as the only polite options. The recent election served up many conversations, some difficult, some quite ridiculous. It seems almost

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